Dress Salvatore ferragamo , I so want it!

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I'm gonna start to read Vogue Homme, if they have photoshoots of that quality! J'adore the outfits they've picked up!

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The more i grow up, the more i like looking at very old pictures from my family. It's very inspiring to look how people used to dress during the early century. Everything seemed so relaxed, calm, and people looked very very happy. I truly believe that many people now are unhappy because of the stress that our hard life cuases. But also, people think too much about too many things. Who would have thought that so many people 'd go to see therapists like going to the supermaket! As time goes we are going crazy! Time to go back to old school folks!:)   

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I DIE! don't you?

Ok..i might be late on that one! You've probably heard that: I DIE or D.I.E!! Its her favorite expression! Yes! I'm talking about Rachel Zoe project or Camp zoe as she likes to call it. i've just started to watch this show!I know i'm a bit late! Well, i don't have bravo tv in France! Anyways, i've always thought that rachel zoe was a bit of a cold person, shy, and who didn't like to be exposed, but i've discovered a rachel Zoe that is absolutly not shy,hyperactive and crazy- in a good way! It's supposed to be picked up for another season that will air this summer. It's also supposed to be airing in UK also on sky for our european community, but only season 1 i think. But, who has waited to watch it on national tv when you can watch it online! The bravotv website has sneek peak videos of the season one, but there are many other sites that show full episodes via meagavideo and yuku player! 

Frenchies! Un nouvel reality show- eh oui encore un!- est sur les télés americaines depuis l'année dernierne...Cette fois-ci c'est pas sur MTV mais sur Bravo TV! The rachel zoe Project est conçu sur le meme principe de the hills ou the city et montre la vie tumultueuse de Rachel Zoe- la star des stylistes américaines. J'ai commencé à le regarder cette semaine et perso je pensais que cette fille était un peu timide, seche et froide, mais en fait pas du tout!!! Elle est complètement barrée! Dés qu'elle voit des fringues qu'elle aime elle sors son expression favorite "D.I.E" ou "I die don't you die?" Bref assez marrant! Vous pouvez regarder la saison 1 sur bravotv.com ou sur plein d'autres sites qui ont les episodes en entier via megavideo ou yuku. Enjoy girls!

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When it comes to handbags i just go crazy monkey! I just wish i could have them all...but if i could choose only one...i think i'd go for the BIRKIN. Simply because, i think its the most luxurious one...i mean its HERMES whatelse? And comes right after CHANEL bien sur! Its the two that will never go out of fashion. There are timeless. But again i'm a bag freak so i won't choose! I WANT THEM ALL! that's all!! Feel free to tell me whats your It bag!

LES SACS A MAins me rendent dingue! Mais plus particulièrement fan du birkin d'hermes! Whatelse?! Sac intemporel, il est entièrement fait à la main ce qui en partie explique son prix!:)Allez papa Noël j'en veux juste au moins un! Faites-moi savoir quelle est votre IT bag!

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Quote of the day

You've probably heard of it many times but i think its so true... React!

Pour celles qui regardent the City, show sur MTV très similaire a the Hills- pour les connaisseuses- vous avez surement dut entendre ça! Réagissez!   

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I haven't heard from this girl until today! She has a very weird name: Kemp muhl, but she is georgous!

Je n'avais jamais entendu parlé de cette fille avant aujourd'hui: Kemps muhl- un nom à coucher dehors! Mais qu'est ce qu'elle est magnifique!

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